Business Activity Statement (BAS)

business activity statement bas

Professional Business Activity Statement Services

A Business Activity Statement (BAS) is a compulsory document that must be lodged by all Australian businesses and sent to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). As an Australian business owner, it is your responsibility to report all tax obligations before the required due date. The ATO typically requires all businesses to report on a quarterly basis.  At Impact Accounting, we provide a full suite of BAS services to clients throughout the Gold Coast and ensure that all necessary documentation is completed with meticulous care and in a timely manner.

Simplifying The Documentation Process

Composing your business’ entire list of expenditures and subsequent payment summaries can be tiresome and time-consuming, if you’re not an industry professional. Typically, when a person who lacks the necessary skills and experience attempts to perform these duties on their own, mistakes will arise, such as inaccurate expenditure reporting, calculation errors, or even something as innocent as filing the BAS in a style of handwriting that is indecipherable, rendering the entire document worthless.

For this reason, most businesses elect to employ the services of a BAS accounting professional to manage their Business Activity Statements. At Impact Accounting, our comprehensive BAS services cover all aspects of a business’ entitlements, obligations and liabilities. Our considerable experience enables our accountants to deliver sound advice and predict future opportunities, while ensuring that your business is compliant with all ATO demands and claiming all benefits that it is rightfully entitled to.

The Business Activity Statement Experts

Our team of skilled accountants are committed to providing professional, round-the-clock service and support that eliminates the hassles associated with business activity statement preparation and submission. To ensure that your documents are compiled with expert precision and completed swiftly, we strongly advise that you enlist the services of an industry professional such as Impact Accounting, just as our countless valued clients already do.

Our BAS services include:

  • Downloading your business bank account transactions (with your authority) to our Banklink cashbook program and prepare the BAS from this source. The resultant data is then available to streamline the tax return process at year end
  • Obtaining the necessary data from your own bookkeeping software (MYOB, Reckon, Xero etc)
  • Identifying which data needs to be added to your business activity statement
  • Composing all payment summaries for your employees
  • Lodging the BAS on your behalf

Note – you can provide the necessary information in other less structured ways that we can discuss with you

Contact Impact Accounting

Avoid unnecessary administrative issues, and have your Business Activity Statement completed by a qualified accounting professional at Impact Accounting Solutions. At Impact Accounting Solutions, we can be called upon at a moment’s notice to assist you with your BAS document submission and ensure that you never miss out on your rightful entitlements.